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Available & Upcoming Litters: Mother Nature takes a roll in all planned breedings! As a result, sometimes the timing of a heat cycle or expected litter doesn’t always work out. Mount Sterling Doodles reserves the right to use a different stud than originally planned to improve the quality of a litter. It may even be necessary at times to replace an upcoming litter with an entirely different pairing due to the interference of Mother Nature in regards to timing. In the event we replace a stud or a future pairing, I will make every effort to ensure the same colors and sizes expected for the litter, however this may not always be possible.  Mount Sterling Doodles accepts 5 deposits per litter, and reserves first two rights to retain as breeders pick. It is not uncommon for our wait lists to fill up quickly, so please take the time to fill out and submit an application if you are interested in adding a puppy to your family!



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