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My 5 year old little boy gets nervous and anxious in many different circumstances, he has learned to talk with Poppy. As he talks through his fears with her, she and him somehow work out the problem and before you know it he is calm. Poppy has become the dog of our dreams and one we never even knew we were missing. She is a sister and best friend to my kids. So grateful for our girl! 

Moutsterling doodles was a dream to work with, you will be glad you picked them to raise your new addition to your family 

-Angie Perry 


"We got our golden doodle Samson from Mount Sterling Doodles and absolutely love him! I’m a huge dog fan and have owned companies in the pet industry so working with someone who knew what they were doing with breeding and care was a must. MaRea was so great to work with and definitely knew how to take care of those puppies and her own dog June. Samson is an incredible dog and would be my only choice if we got another doodle. I’ve recommended them to everyone who asks about where we got Samson." Thanks!

-Grubb Bussio 

Gus, Gus

Mountsterling Doodles was the best decision we ever made! From the moment you stepped into their home it was so apparent how loved these little puppies had been. They did such an amazing job getting the pups ready for their forever homes. Kennel trained, tricks, etc. I couldn’t believe it! Our Gus Gus is an absolute dream. Well behaved, well trained, sweetest snuggler ever and the best therapy any human could ask for!

Thank you Mountsterling Doodles for trusting us to be one of the families lucky enough to get our perfect puppy- Gus Gus

-Randi Loyet

Ollie & Koda

"We have 2 handsome male goldendoodles that we got from Mountsterling Doodles. Our first boy Ollie was such a great addition to our family that we decided to get another one. We didn't even entertain the thought of getting one from a different breeder because our experience with Mountsterling Doodles was so great. Their puppies receive so much care, love and attention from each member of the Hess family from the day they're born till the day they go home with their new family.


I truly believe all the love and attention our boys received in the Hess' home made for some truly, loyal, loving family dogs. I wake up every day to Ollie and Koda's smiling face. If you're considering getting a golden doodle I highly recommend Mountsterling Doodles."

- Kristie Munk

Oliver Hazel

"I didn’t want a dog but my kids finally wore me down. I knew it had to be something small or medium sized that didn’t shed. A golden doodle seemed perfect. I started doing some research and found lots of golden doodles for sale. There was just something about the puppies I saw on the Mount Sterling Doodles Instagram page. They all looked so vibrant. As I messaged back and forth with MaRea she was quick to respond and very helpful. Because we didn’t live close enough to go look at the puppies she sent lots of pictures and short videos for us to look at. She also sent us a personality profile on the puppy were were considering. We ended up with a small black female named Olive. That was the name MaRea’s family gave her and when we picked her up we realized it was perfect so we kept it:)

She has been the center of our home for the past 7 months. She is smart and playful and friendly. She likes me but loves the kids. Again, MaRea was “on call” for those first few weeks answering a lot of little questions we had while getting her all settled. Sometimes I would catch myself looking at her playing with the kids or cuddling up to one of them and thinking, we should have gotten two..."
-Jon Sparks

Lola Bell

I am a mom of 5 boys and honestly never thought I had it in me for one more mess maker...a dog.  After years of my 12 year old BEGGING for a dog we decided to take the plunge and now we have the CUTEST dog I have ever laid eyes on. I knew she was going to be a good dog because of her breeder but I honestly never had any idea really just how amazing she would be.

From the very second she came into our home and GREATLY to my surprise I have never looked back. I cannot imagine our lives without our Lola Belle. She is only one year old puppy and defiantly had her puppy moments, but honestly I knew that was part of getting any dog, and she is totally out of all her puppy traits now at ONE YEAR OLD and is THE MOST patient PUPPY I have ever know. We have 2 baby boys and to say they love HARD is an understatement. She is so good about just letting them “love” her.

She does everything we have trained her to do, she is totally potty trained, comes, sits, stays, all the things you need a dog to do...but THE MOST AMAZING thing she does, and it is untrained...I have a 2 yr old boy that is always escaping my house and when I find out he is outside I come running out yelling for him...well now our sweet Lola does everything she can to keep my 2 yr old on our property, she will nudge him over and stand over him not letting him leave our property for as long as she can...but she never hurts him, only tries to keep him close as long as she can...I have video of it, it’s truly amazing. But the. When he does get away Lola barks and barks and barks until I realize he is gone and my 2yr Old is back on our property. NOW THAT...IS ONE AMAZING DOG.

To say this breed (especially when bred with the right parents) is kind, smart, patient, and fun loving...would be a huge understatement. We love our Lola Belle so much she was the missing piece to our family that we didn’t even know we were missing. Thank you @mountsterlingdoodles for breeding the very best Golden Doodles one could possibly love


-Laura Alley 



We are so in love with our golden doodle Cooper. From day one he has been such a joy in our household and such a well behaved and sweet boy. He knew how to behave around our kids, Noises didn’t spook him, and he took treats so gently from our hands. Our trainer said he was so easy to train and do smart. We couldn’t agree more!

Mount Sterling Doodles raises their puppies to be life long family members, and we couldn’t be more thankful. 

-Tracy Pope 



We bought a puppy from MaRea in October of 2017. The reason we chose to go with Mountsterling Doodles was because they were experienced and did so much to train their puppies. The sound therapy in particular was something that drew us to them, and I have to say that our dog never barks at fireworks or thunderstorms. We also really wanted a good family dog since we have kids. It was apparent when we went to pick him up that he had been very well socialized with their kids.


They also gave us tips on the best food to buy, their favorite crate, and that brushing little drops of essential oils through his hair after a tub can help him smell good and calm him. We wouldn’t hesitate to go through them again. 

-Ben Lindly 

Max & Lulu

"Our experience with Mount Sterling Doodles has been a life changer. Our puppies were bred and loved since birth by the Hess family.  We got our little ones when they were 8 weeks old, and I felt as if they were already trained to look up at us, and wait for their next instruction.  Yes, the peed when they were babies; sometimes they pooped in the house.  All in all our loves were fully potty trained by 4 months, give or take an accident or two here or there.  We have siblings, Max and Lulu, and they are inseparable to this day.  On Sunday, March 10, 2019 our babies turn 1!  We’re planning quite a celebration of raw hides and solidified cheese bark.  Our dogs have changed our lives.  We decided on puppies when our then 10 year old daughter was diagnosed with an auto immune disease.  All the children ever wanted were puppies, and it seemed like the right thing to do.  Well, I must share that as the mother of the house, I fell in love day 1, and I think I miss the puppies more than the children some days.  Max is smart, loving, and very aware of where his sister is and what her needs are at all times.  Lulu is playful and athletic, and definitely a retriever as she buries and then finds bones from month to month.  The siblings are personable, completely hypo allergenic and do not shed, and very easy to train.  We love our goldendoodles.  We couldn’t have asked for anything more. "

-Elisa Lajonchere 

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