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Meet the Hess's!  We are a fun loving family that have huge hearts for animals.  We have 4 young children, they absolutely love dogs and are a great help with socializing the puppies.  We are very passionate about animals and their proper care and treatment.  Our children have grown up to love and respect dogs.  We love everything outdoors, our children spend their summer days swimming in rivers, ponds and fishing on the farm.  Our favorite place to spend time together is in the mountains, Skiing, hiking, biking and rock climbing.  We live out in the country over looking beautiful mountain range in, northern utah (60 minutes from Salt Lake City.)


Our Daughter Avery is the motivation behind providing the best possible puppies we can to families in need of a therapy dog in their home. Avery was Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when she was 8 years old. Adjusting to our new life with a child that needed constant medical and emotional help was exchasting. Our goldendoodle June, knew exactly who to love and what to do at a very difficult time in our lives. Our goal as a family is to provide families with a therapeutic dog. We are in the process of training Georgia to be Avery's Diabetic dog. How incredible are dogs! Once she is trained she will sense when Avery's blood sugar is low or high, at a very accurate level, relieve stress and anxiety. Georgia will understand Avery at a deeper level than most humans are capable of. Avery's Diabetic alert dog, Georgia is sleeping in her room has alerted Avery in the middle of the night as her blood sugar was plummeting to dangerous low numbers. To say we are passionate about the quality of dogs we provide is an under statement. We spend hours with each puppy training and doing therapy with them before they leave our home and enter your heart. 

Meet MaRea!  MaRea is the fuel behind this entire dream and it has been a long time coming.  When MaRea was a teenager, her family raised Great Danes.  Growing up raising dogs, sparked MaRea's passion. As a newly married we bred Great Dane for few years then life got crazy and we stepped away from breeding for a few years.  MaRea met a Goldendoodle while at her sons baseball game and instantly fell in love. MaRea focus the critical Early Learning of the puppies, providing a sound foundation.  And if that weren't enough, MaRea just loves babies of all kinds, especially puppies. She has a passion to offer the most beloved puppies available today.  At the same time, she wants to make sure her 'babies' are placed in the most loving and nurturing home environments that will add to the love that already exist in each family or individual. 

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